Gemstone rings are the easiest way to stand out in your jewellery. Find the perfect gemstone rings at any of the listed Dubai jewellers. They have hundreds of rings made from all kinds of gemstones, from sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst, quartz, onyx, tanzanite, citrine and other gemstones, and shaped in different unique styles.

Gemstone Rings

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Liali Gemstone Rings

Looking for exquisite gemstone rings in Dubai? Find them at any of the Liali Jewellery stores spread across the city. They stock a wide variety of amethyst rings, emerald, topaz, ruby, citrine, and sapphire rings. These come in hundreds of ...

Diamond Rocks

Buy gemstone rings from Diamond Rocks in Dubai and get to choose from hundreds of designs available. The company has a huge collection of rings made from stop stones like emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, aquamarine, quartz, citrine, perid ...

Monica Vinader

For the widest variety of gemstone rings in Dubai, shop at Monica Vinader. The internationally acclaimed jeweller has the most ingenious ring designs and styles you can think of. Available rings are made from amazonite, aquamarine, black, r ...

Mamiya Gemstone Rings

Get a unique gemstone ring from Mamiya Diamonds in Dubai. Mamiya offers the largest variety of gemstone rings at great prices and indeed has a wide price range to suit any budget. Find rings made from topaz, ruby, sapphire and emerald, all ...

Kyra Gemstone Rings

Kyra brings you a wide collection of gemstone rings in classic and trendy designs. Visit the Kyra Jewellery store at the Gold & Diamond Park to choose from hundreds of ring designs made from topaz, sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, lolite, am ...

Damas Gemstone Rings

Shop for gemstone rings at any Damas Jewellery store in Dubai and get to choose from hundreds of designs and shapes. Damas is a well known brand in the city, and is renowned for its quality jewellery and luxurious designs. Ruby, sapphire, e ...

Diana Jewellery

For exquisite gemstone rings in Dubai, shop at Diana Jewellery. They stock hundreds of ring styles for all occasions. Popular gemstones used to make these glamorous rings are Tanzanite, Tourmalite, Kunzite, emerald, sapphire, topaz, and rub ...

Devi Jewels

For a wide selection of gemstone rings in Dubai, shop at Devi Jewels, one of the leading jewellery stores in the city. Devi offers collections of gemstone rings, the most popular being ruby, emerald and sapphire set in diamond or gold. For ...