Sterling silver rings are a class act in the world of jewellery. Their unmatched shine, beauty and elegance give them outstanding character, making them a great accessory for day to day wear and those special occasions. Find silver rings at the listed Dubai stores and enjoy choosing from the huge variety availed.

Silver Rings

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Monica Vinader Silver Rings

For quality silver rings in Dubai, shop at Monica Vinader, one of the largest names in the jewellery world. They have silver engagement rings, silver eternity rings, silver friendship rings, and silver fashion ring for everyday wear. Whethe ...

UAE Souq Silver

Find thousands of silver rings at, one of the largest online jewellery marketplaces in Dubai. The store has rings for every budget, from as low as under AED 100. Buy silver engagement rings, silver couple rings, silver toe rings, m ...

Pandora Silver Rings

These beautiful silver rings from Pandora in Dubai are the perfect complement to any outfit. Made to superior quality standards and carefully crafted to perfection, they are designed to give your overall look a sharp, sophisticated edge. Ch ...

Jewel Souq Silver

Buy sterling silver rings online at, one of the most reliable online jewellery stores in Dubai. They offer a large variety of sterling silver rings and special occasion silver rings for both women and men. Their silver collect ...

Silver Rings Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the finest jewellery in the world. Silver jewellery claims its fair share of the stake, with countless jewellery stores in the city specialising in silver jewellery. Top stores where you can buy quality silver rings ...

Silver Dubai

Shop for silver rings at, one of the largest online jewellery shop in Dubai. They have a selection of top quality rings in a variety of designs, all made from fine sterling silver. They come in different gemstones and metal ...

Damiani Silver Rings

Enjoy the flashy look of a silver ring from any of Damiani’s Italian handmade collections. Made from the finest sterling silver, these rings make for a perfect addition to any outfit. Get them plain or combined with gold, diamond, or othe ...

Aishas Silver Rings

Aishas gives great deals on silver rings in Dubai. Their prices start from as low as AED 100, meaning you will find a suitable silver ring no matter your budget. The impressive ring styles and unique designs will have you captivated as you ...

Tiffany Silver Rings

Get great offers on silver rings when you shop at Tiffany & Co in Dubai. Tiffany’s silver rings are beautifully designed and come in a range of shapes. The rings are made from the finest grade of sterling silver and are availed in col ...